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On this page you can buy my video exercises lasting 3 minutes of dynamic meditation to relax and reduce the stress from the video terminal. The video consists of two parts: exercise and instructions for use is available in several languages, Italian, English, French, Spanish, Slovenian and Croatian. Files are available in 3 different video resolutions: fullhd 1920x1080 268 mb, HD 1280x720 147 mb and VGA 640x360 48 mb.

It should be noted that the video purchased should not be considered an instrument for the prevention or improvement of health. The video, in fact, is not aimed at rehabilitation or psychological support and must not be considered as a treatment aid for psychological difficulties or pathological problems.

Quantum Meditation english

10,00 € each

Quantum Meditation as a medium for Balance and Wellness
It only takes a few minutes of targeted meditation, namely Quantum Meditation, to reverse mental stress; relaxing that part allows the mind to become open to new connections in our daily work life. A meditation that can be easily followed on a computer screen for two and a half minutes before starting work.

The role of colours, sounds, bells and the spiral
Our eyes are the only tool we have whereby light illuminates the brain. We use an ancient Archetype, the eight-pointed Star, to balance the body and the brain, i.e. connect the server-brain to the keyboard-body.

The various colours that gradually brighten, influence the mood, restoring vital energy through Chromotherapy and resetting the brain.

The seven harmonic vibrations of Tibetan bells stimulate the endocrine system, counterbalancing stress and boosting the immune system.

The Spiral
The increasing and decreasing spiral balances the right and left hemisphere and flows into the frontal lobe, restoring our mental clarity.

The bells
The chime of the bells balances our external energy, subtle body-aura.

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